• Name: Sylvia Robert
  • Job Title: Media Director
  • Work Anniversary: December 1996
  • Fun Fact: Sylvia is named after her mom, Sylvia Cook!

Where did you go?
“Albuquerque, New Mexico”

What kind of trip was it?
“Family vacation.”

Why did you go?
“My mom and stepdad passed away last year and after the estate sale, we said whatever money we get from that would be used to take a family trip. We said we could drive within eight hours of Oklahoma – that was our limit, so that’s where they picked to go!”

Who did you go with?
“MY ENTIRE FAMILY! My husband Craig, my daughter Jessica and her husband Jeff, my daughter Lauren and her husband Drew, and my grandson Stanley. We also took Pinkie the flamingo with us because my mom liked flamingos.”

Tell us about something that you did on your trip.
“We went to Sandi Peak; we rode a tram up to the top of the peak, which is around 10,300 feet. That was kind of fun and I’m not really afraid heights. Just don’t look down when you’re going up the tram!”

Tell us about something you learned on your trip.
“I learned that it’s really hot in the desert, but I like it. I love the desert. I love it because it’s so different from Oklahoma.
It’s not the Mojave Desert; it’s the high desert with a little bit of grass and foliage. It’s right at the tree line near the mountains.”

Tell us about something you ate on your trip.
“Well, of course, you have to have lots and lots of green chili because New Mexico is known for its green chilies! We ate at a restaurant called El Pinto and their green chili was really good.
We also were in search of green chili frozen yogurt like they have Los Cruces, but we couldn’t find it in Albuquerque. So I was very sad. It’s regular frozen yogurt, but they put a sweetened green chili sauce on it- it’s good! A little hot, a little sweet and ice cream!”

What is something you always bring with you when you travel?
“Snacks for the road trip!! Trail mix, crackers, water, that kind of thing.”

How did you keep yourself entertained during an eight-hour drive?
“You look at the scenery as it goes by- haha!”

Would you visit Albuquerque again?

Would you recommend it to other travelers?
“Yes, I would recommend it. If you don’t like the heat, don’t go unless it’s in the winter. The heat is similar to Oklahoma, just not as humid. It is a drier heat so it’s not as bad.”

Would you live there?
“Yes, possibly, because I love adobe houses.”

How do you document your trip?
“With pictures!”

Sylvia’s Recommendations:

  • Amarillo Cadillac Ranch
  • Sandia Peak Tram
  • Unser Racing Museum
  • Aquarium & Botanical Gardens
  • Discovery Museum
  • New Mexico Rail Runner train to Santa Fe
  • El Pinto Restaurant
  • Steam Railroad Locomotive Museum
  • Meow Wolf in Santa Fe

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