• Name: Matti Dubberstein
  • Job Title: Brand Manager
  • Work Anniversary: January 2018

Fun Fact:
“I used to work for the United States Golf Association and moved around the country for ten years, planning U.S. Open Championships before I came back to Oklahoma to work at Jordan…. and I do not like pickles- at all!”

Favorite thing about working at Jordan Advertising:
“The one thing that I tell people is that it’s very collaborative. You never hear someone saying, ‘I did this.’ It’s always ‘we did this’ or ‘the Jordan team created this.’
I like that it’s a team environment and that everyone is included, and everyone’s ideas and feedback are valued. Your idea could spark something in someone else that ultimately becomes the greatest thing ever. So it’s been a lot of fun!”

Where did you go?
“New Orleans, Lousiana.”

Who did you go with?
“I went with my mom and dad.”

Why did you go?
“It was a family vacation.
We went to visit my brother and sister-in-law who just moved there in June. We hadn’t visited yet and seen where they lived, and neither one of them had ever lived outside of Oklahoma, so it was an opportunity for us to check-in and say ‘hey,’ and see their life in New Orleans.”

How long was your trip?
“We were there for five days.”

What is something interesting that you ate on your trip?
“Oh my gosh, there’s so much good food in New Orleans. I feel like all we did was eat, drink, sweat and walk.
The first night we were there we ate at a restaurant called Jacques – Imo’s. We had a shrimp, alligator and sausage cheesecake. It was more like a quiche and was so good. It was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in my life. I thought it would be weird, but we all loved it. It was great!”

What’s something you always bring with you when you travel?
“An (extra) phone charger, tennis shoes, and my kindle because I like to read on the plane. Those are my standard staples.”

How does New Orleans culture compare to Oklahoma City?
“A lot of people there are very passionate about their city.
The weekend we were there, it was the New Orleans Saints vs. Dallas Cowboys game. The Cowboys were in town and their fans travel, so there were a million Cowboy fans, but also just as many Saints fans.
Even if you weren’t in the French Quarter or going to a game people were in Saints gear. They fully support their city. They love their town. They’re very passionate about it. They’re happy you’re there and it was just an interesting vibe.
It kind of reminded me of New York City, it’s a city that never sleeps. In the tourist areas, there always seemed to be something to do. There were people playing music on the street corners- that was awesome- they were talented musicians just playing for a buck!”

Does New Orleans have anything unique that you wish we had here?
“The thing that I wish OKC could have would be my brother and sister-in-law! I miss them a lot. They’ll be there for two more years, and I’ll be happy when they come back… but it’s an exciting adventure for them.”

Do you see yourself going back to New Orleans?
“Because they live there- yes! Honestly, if they weren’t living there I probably wouldn’t. I liked it, but I feel like we did a lot.
We saw the French Quarter, we did a steamboat ride down the Mississippi River, we did a swamp tour, we ate a bunch of food, we walked around and we shopped. Unless for a specific event I probably wouldn’t go back, I saw everything I wanted to see and it was what I expected.”

What was your favorite activity?
“I loved that we could just walk around and take the streetcar, which was really cool because we could walk to that from my brother’s house.
But, the swamp tour was actually really fun. It was one of those big tourist attractions and when the alligators see the pontoon boat they’re like, ‘they’re going to feed me, I will swim to you!’ It was really cool. We had a great captain that told us different things about the swamp and how you could survive in a swamp if you were stranded there. But seeing alligators, and wild hogs and raccoons cohabitate in this Louisiana swamp was pretty cool.”

Do you have any tips for someone traveling to New Orleans for the first time?
“If you go to the French Quarter, wear closed-toed shoes. There’s a lot of partying, and with partying can come some other things, so bring closed-toed shoes!
It’s also a walkable city. Especially with their streetcar and bus system, you don’t necessarily have to have a car and you don’t necessarily have to have an Uber. I was surprised by how walk-able it was, and what you could get to on your own.”

Would you recommend New Orleans as a great travel destination?
“I would. I think it’s definitely worth seeing at least once just to get a feel for it. It is a fun place and there’s so much to do that you don’t have to spend your whole time in the French Quarter. That’s what people think of first when it comes to New Orleans.
They think, ‘oh, French Quarter and Bourbon street,’ but there’s so much to do outside of that. You could definitely have a good time if you were by yourself or with your family. It’s a pretty entertaining city!”

Matti’s Restaurant & Food Recommendations:
Jacques – Imo’s – Shrimp, alligator, & sausage cheesecake
Café Du Monde – Beignets

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