Below is a guest blog from our amazing intern, Lauren Brown.

Interning- there’s a certain stigma behind it. Plagued by the idea that it’s only retrieving coffee and running personal errands, interning has and will always be necessary for professional development.

As a recent grad, my ultimate goal was to have several corporations vying for my attention. For a select few that’s a reality, but for most of us, it doesn’t happen. And for the perfectionist and overachievers, ones that were heavily involved in campus organizations, were members of the exec board, competed in competitions and went to national conferences… I hope you find some comfort in what I’m about to tell you.

College does a great job prepping you for a successful career. Constantly informing you on social media etiquette and how to strategize your job search. But they don’t tell you about the anxiety you feel three months after graduation. They don’t prep students to deal with the harsh reality after college. For those of us that didn’t anticipate an alternative outcome, it can be a drastic shock to the system.

So here’s what you do when the job opportunities run dry and your resume hasn’t gotten as many callbacks as it should. Apply for an internship. Wait, hear me out. Sure, you’ve probably already had three internships under your belt, and by this point, you’re aware that interning is way more than fetching coffee and running errands, but let me tell you why an internship after college is perfect for you.

Your schedule is free…or kind of free depending on if you have a part-time job. You’ll be more inclined to go the extra mile. Now that you’ve graduated you can use your energy to go above and beyond what is asked of you.
People will offer to review your resume, and they might even pass it around. Realize everyone is rooting for your success; so let them critique your resume. If they don’t offer there’s no harm in taking the initiative and asking. Bonus Tip: Ask someone whom you respect but slightly intimidates you. Your name will be in rooms you haven’t even stepped in. Give them a good reason to talk about you. Put in the work! Why not? Make good use of the time you have. An internship can build new skills and sharpen the ones you already have.

My experience as a graduate intern has been more than I could have imagined. Best of all I haven’t been sitting idle waiting for someone to call me back for an interview. Don’t get me wrong searching for a permanent job is still a major stressor, but my internship has taken me places I’ve always wanted to go. I’ve forged connections that could strengthen my professional career. If I could do it all again, I’d do it the same way each time.

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